Are You a Home Assistant Developer?

We have recently decided to develop a native integration into Home Assistant for our air quality monitors. The aim is to give a first class experience for our customers using Home Assistant and also to get this integration certified by Home Assistant.

Unfortunately our existing developer team does not have the experiences and skills required for this project. Since we have a lot of Home Assistant Enthusiasts and Developers within our community, I wanted to let you all know about this opportunity.

Here you can read more about Home Assistant integrations

We need the following features:

So if you feel you can help us (or know somebody who could), please respond and let me know. You can contact me over our support form.

Happy to answer any questions here in the forum as well.


Some of you might know that we actually started to work on an ESPHome integration based on @MallocArray work but we stopped that because having two different firmwares available (the stock AirGradient and ESPHome) is not ideal and adds a lot of complexity and we also found the overhead of ESPHome quite substantial (basically using all the available storage on the ESP32).

To clarify, the overhead actually is not from MallocArray’s version but due to requirements for “Made for ESPHome” certification, e.g. the bluetooth provisioning.


As a home assistant user that also uses ESPHome stuff, I will say that I find their provisioning process much easier than what I just went through with this first time setup. I’ll post in their forums to see if someone can help, because integration with Home Assistant is the reason I bought this. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have a ready to apply Outdoor Air Gradient ESPHome file for me to get mine working with Home Assistant. I’m not a programmer, but love the hard work of those that can.

I’ve got you covered

Sounds great - access directly to metrics without external queries. My sensors are all diy so I haven’t seen or used the official web GUI.

My solution is to send metrics to my own app and display as Prometheus data.

I think the easiest solution would involve changes to the firmware to expose the metrics through eg…json based data.

Would require running a webserver on the devices though and you’d need to consider if there was a security layer or users accept that their data is publicly accessible.

Once there is a standard way to grab the data the rest should be relatively easy with the exception of discovery.

For discovery there could be an option to maybe get it via the official site, make it configurable or possibly get the addresses via a scan. Not sure how home assistant detects new stuff but I assume it’s due to scans or possibly network broadcasts by devices?

Got interested and looks as though home assistant can utilise.mDNS for discovery.

Came across this which may be useful to help with device discovery, but again this is firmware changes and not to do with the integration.

Hi, @McJoppy! Take a look at the beta firmware. They support mDNS, direct JSON and Prometheus.

LOL - I’m out of the loop :smiley:

That’s some big changes! Will check it out once I work out how to flash my old school DIY sensors.

Thanks - and ignore me :slight_smile:

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