Anyone try the BME680 Sensor

I was curious if anyone has tried the BME680 with the DIY kit.

The reason I ask is that this sensor board seems to provide Temp, Humidity, TVOC, and Pressure. So this with the S8 and the PM sensor would cover pretty much everything.

I haven’t yet, but I’m looking at it on AliExpress. $9 for it shipped in about 1 month, or $20 for tomorrow from Amazon.
Bme680 Digital Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor Cjmcu-680 High Altitude Sensor Module Development Board - Integrated Circuits - AliExpress

Have not tried the BME680 in depth but we are currently testing the SGP4x with the DIY kit and it looks good so far.


I do, running esphome.

It works, I don’t think the temp is terribly accurate but I don’t use it for temperature.

You need to calibrate the temperature sensor because of the heating element in the bme680. Also I had some issues with the pull-up resistors. I removed them and it works fine.

Any recommendations on an accurate thermometer to actually do calibration?

I’ve tried that before, but just an offset doesn’t seem to match any other electronic temp sensor. I don’t think the curve between any of them is consistent.