Anyone try the BME680 Sensor

I was curious if anyone has tried the BME680 with the DIY kit.

The reason I ask is that this sensor board seems to provide Temp, Humidity, TVOC, and Pressure. So this with the S8 and the PM sensor would cover pretty much everything.

I haven’t yet, but I’m looking at it on AliExpress. $9 for it shipped in about 1 month, or $20 for tomorrow from Amazon.
Bme680 Digital Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor Cjmcu-680 High Altitude Sensor Module Development Board - Integrated Circuits - AliExpress

Have not tried the BME680 in depth but we are currently testing the SGP4x with the DIY kit and it looks good so far.


I do, running esphome.

It works, I don’t think the temp is terribly accurate but I don’t use it for temperature.

You need to calibrate the temperature sensor because of the heating element in the bme680. Also I had some issues with the pull-up resistors. I removed them and it works fine.