Any danger of plating the non-plated holes in PRO Gerber files?

Hi all, I bought several kits when the original DIY sets were sold. I only had time to solder one; now that I’m finally ready to tackle the rest of the kits, I see there is now a PRO board:

Q: do the non-plated holes need to be non-plated — or can they be plated with no issue? I ask because Digi-Key’s PCB Builder only does plated holes.

Alternatively, should I consider only sending Digi-Key the plated hole file — and manually drill the non-plated holes myself?

I believe all through holes are plated by default. We order at JLCPCB and I do not see any option there for non-plated (but not 100% sure)
This is what we select at JLCPCB:

Hope that helps.