An error when comply the lastest one_9 code

Hello, I am using the board lolin c3 mini, I have the latest air gradient in 2.4.12 and all of the other library are update. I am getting this error

C:\XXXXX\ONE_V9\ONE_V9.ino: In function ‘void updatePm()’:
C:\XXXXX\ONE_V9\ONE_V9.ino:290:26: error: ‘struct PMS::DATA’ has no member named ‘PM_RAW_0_3’
pm03PCount = data1.PM_RAW_0_3;

exit status 1

Compilation error: ‘struct PMS::DATA’ has no member named ‘PM_RAW_0_3’

Am i missing something is the Master PMS library ?

Thank you for any help.

Did you edit both of the PMS files? There are instructions on here to copy/paste new code in those libraries.

I have the old PMS5003 with no T, does that make a different? Thank you got your time.
I will give it a try and let you know.

The patched code should work with both models.