Airgradient ONE vs Pro?

I asked via the contact form on the website, but hadn’t heard back and I noticed folks here building the Pro, optionally with a VOC sensor, so thought I might ask here. Is the ONE basically a PRO that’s been prebuilt and includes the VOC sensor?

I’m loving my BASIC kit. I modified it to use an XBee 900MHz as it is in a location where I don’t get Wifi (namely my analog photography darkroom) and also use MQTT into InfluxDB/Grafana on the other end to pull the stats. Works like a champ! And indeed it’s helped me change behaviors in my darkroom.

I also do a lot of 3D printing and recently started doing ABS. ABS is known for vomiting VOCs into the air and when I saw Airgradient has an option to track VOCs, this seemed like a really good idea! So I was thinking about getting the ONE since it already has VOCs, but would like still to be able to mess around with the firmware so I can tailor it to my own needs. I won’t need to use an Xbee for this application but will still want to setup MQTT in a specific way.


The AirGradient ONE is our commercial monitor that is fully certified (CE, ROHS, RESET AIR) and also contains additional components that make it run very stable (e.g. a hardware watchdog).

This version has TVOC inside. We want to bring the TVOC also to the DIY kits but had some issues with the number of pull up resistors on the i2c bus (the ONE has several i2c buses so it is not affected). We are working on a solution that future kits can also have the TVOC.

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Ah gotcha. Makes sense, thanks!