AirGradient One Version 3.0.1 Firmware

Hi everyone!
Just updated one of my sensors to new firmware (Feb 16).

  1. Noticed that now there is no option to make any settings with button on startup.
    That means sensor display temperature measure (C/F) can’t be adjusted.
    How to set it?

  2. Also noticed some things about web app:
    2.1 NOx value of flashed sensor disappeared from dashboard. How to get it back?
    2.2 Changing LED mode in “Edit Location” between “LEDs off” and “Default LED mode” doesn’t make any change: LEDs are off both ways. So what is the default mode?

Firmware was changed several times: without/with erasing checkbox.

Do you have any ideas?

  1. We moved the configuration to our server. If you set your dashboard to United States as country, the temperature will be displayed in F.

2.1 You need to show the column with this icon:

Then you can select the NOx and other columns.

2.2 The default mode for the LEDs is what you select on dashboard level (so applicable for all locations).

This can then be overriden on location level.

I hope that helps.

But NOx value of only flashed sensor is lost:

And i still can’t figure out where is LED setting here: