AirGradient One - Acceptable Ranges and LED's

I just got my device this week and it seems to be working well. It is taking some getting used to, as I have been using other air quality devices for several years. One thing I am finding difficult to understand is the acceptable ranges for each measurement. Where do I find those and are the automatically highlighted in the UI reporting tool? Also, related to this, what does each of the LED’s on top of the device correspond to?

I am working on some detailed guidance but in a nutshell:

WHO Annual Guideline <5 ug/m3. In general it should be as low as possible. There is no safe limit for PM2.5.

Most standard recommend indoor levels below 1000 and ideally below 800ppm.

TVOCs are represented as an index based on the changes in the last 24h. So this will not tell you if it is absolutely good or bad but if the situation improves or get’s worse. A value below 100 means that the air quality improves.