Airgradient frequently reports "Server N/A", server availability monitoring seems a bit to sensitive

My two Airgradient ONEs frequently reports “Server N/A” and lighten up the leftmost LED light.

It seems to me that the server availability reporting is configured a little too sensitively, as those situations resolve itself shortly. I also see no issues in the dashboards nor in the dashboard’s graphs.

Or am I the only one experiencing this and there is something wrong on my end?

I’ve seen the same thing as well over the last few days. I’m guessing the dashboard is responding too slowly and timing out, but can’t say for sure

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@Flow @MallocArray We are looking into this.

I particularly noticed this because as soon as my AirGradient running official firmware started doing this and telling me to register with the Dashboard, I also noticed my ESPHome based devices started rebooting, which I have seen when the API server is slow to respond, causing a software issue.

I have/had a problem with missing data (CO2, etc) from time to time using the MallocArray integration with ESPhome.

Since yesterday when I disabled the “upload to dashboard” option, everything works again without any problem.

Apparently there is now also a problem with the AG server since the data from the outdoor analyzer is not working very well either.

What does your Uptime sensor look like. Do the gaps seem to correlate with reboots of your device? Even when mine reboots, I don’t get gaps like that in my Home Assistant graphs, so I find it interesting.

What version of ESPHome are you on?

No reboots since last week. I can see too NaN in the small screen of the AG One during the gaps.

I installed ESPHome in last february. How can I check my version?

The version of ESPHome can be seen in the bottom of the management page

To see the verison of ESPHome used on your actual device, in HomeAssistant you can go to Settings>Devices and find your device. It will show which firmware version it is running

I’ve only seen NaN with a recent reboots or if the device is just a bit confused, usually right after a firmware update. Pulling the power from the device for a few seconds and connecting it again usually takes care of it.

If you are also having trouble getting to the AirGradient dashboard page, maybe your local network is having a hiccup?

I do think the AirGradient app is having some issues though, as I have a gap around 2-3:00 am CST and again around 6:00 am


ESPHome does monthly releases along with patches, so you are on a December 2023 release and there is 2024.05.3 or later available now. Once you update your Docker or HA Add-on, do another install to your local devices and they will be on the latest firmware.