AirGradient dashboard and other PM buckets (PM0.3, PM1.0, etc)

I see in the dashboard that you can select options to display the measurements for PM0.3, PM1.0, PM10. When those buckets are checked, they are added to the sensor output categories, but are blank.

Is this expected? I did see some discussion from last year for adding these buckets, is it supposed to be available to view? Or do I need to modify the code somehow or adjust some setting? Thanks!

Which version of the kit do you use (basic or pro) and what is the PCB version printed on your board?

Looking at the latest code for the v4.2 Arduino sketch, I don’t see anything in sentToServer() that would send anything other the pm25 to the API

I have the pro v4.2.

I just updated the Arduino 4.2 example with PM1, PM2 and particle count for PM0.3

Release 2.4.5

It will probably take 1-2 days until the Arduino library picks it up.

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