Airgradiant DIY Pro 2 USB power connectors needed?


Just finished soldering and flashing the Airgradiant Pro DIY wave 1 I assume (no USB-C connector) and I was a little bit surprised I had to power the unit up with two USB mini connectors (see image attached). Is this the correct way or did I miss something? The D1 mini shield powers all the sensors but for wifi and the controller I had to power it up separately.

On a side note, I did not see any instructions for the D1 mini shield. Also, everything does work so getting all the data, OLED works, etc.

Any pointers on what I might have done wrong?

The batterie shield on the left you need only if you want to add a LiPo battery and use the monitor without external power sometimes. Then if a battery is connected (with the red/black cable) you do not need to put any power connector on the D1.

Thank you, I will add a battery then.

Just a note, people mentioned that some red/black cable have the wrong polarity (black for + etc). Maybe double check the + - written on the plug.