AG One w/ MallocArray Resets with Upload Enabled

Since a week ago or so, my AG One resets frequently if I have the “Upload to Airgradient Dashboard” enabled. Works fine if disabled. Latest firmware is installed. Thanks

Have you added any other features to the ESPHome config, such as Time?

I’ve still been troubleshooting random reboots for all of the time I’ve used ESPHome and haven’t been able to track down a solid reason. For the ONE devices, disabling the Dashboard upload does seem to improve things, and there is an open case with ESPHome for issues with the http_request module but no traction there.

There is a file you can add to your ESPHome directory and reference it that will disable the software watchdog in the ESP chip itself that seems to help, but I really am trying to avoid needing to have people add extra files other than the single YAML file, so I haven’t included it by default.

No, no other features added to ESPHome config. It’s rock solid with ‘Upload’ disabled but reboots several times / hour if enabled. Don’t really want to disable the watchdog. Being able to upload to the dashboard is nice, but not all that important for me at this time so I will live with it until a fix is found. Thanks.