AG One + MallocArray HA Definition Stopped Working

I’ve been using my AirGradient One v9 with MallocArray’s ESPHome definition for Home Assistant for almost a month with no problems. This morning when I woke up the screen was stuck displaying the ID, Config Version, and “AirGradient”. I checked HA history and found the device became unavailable at 3:02AM which coincides with my weekly router reboot. I left it unplugged for 15 minutes but still no-go. It is connecting to my network and I can ping it. Any ideas on how to revive it?

OK, my bad. This was the first router reboot since I installed Pi-Hole and Pi-Hole had crashed during the reboot. Not sure why it crashed and why some devices like AG were affected and others were not - something I need to look into. It’s all good now.

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