AG appears to not boot up, screen is blank

I am having some issues getting the AirGradient running.

I have assembled two AirGradient Pro boards, one was a upgrade board from the Basic, the other was a purchased as a Pro kit. My board is version 3.1 and the esp is a D1 with the USB micro socket (not the USB c)

I flashed the esp, which seemed to go ok. I see in the logs the Hash of data was verified, So I assume the upload was a success. I used the DIY_PRO example, slightly different name to the instructions but I believe its correct sketch.

When I plug ether unit in to power the LCD does not display anything, I see one short flash on the esp and the S8 LED flashing. Also the Wifi does not become available, even though its enabled.

I tired a few different USB cables, and power sources, including one that claims a max of 5V 2.4A.

Any thoughts on what the issue might be, or how I can diagnose the problem. How are others powering the unit?

If WiFi doesn’t become available it could be a short on the board. Please check all your soldering points. Also if you like post some pictures of both sides of the PCB and I will have a look.

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Thanks for the fast reply, and for the offer to assist.
Took another look this morning. Turns out I had the SHT3X sensor upside down (oops).
Removed and re added the pins and its working as expected. Luckily it didn’t fry the SHT3X chip.

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Great that it works now!