Adding battery to basic board

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could advise me on adding a battery pack to basic kit. I’m wanting to add a battery like such:

Would it just be possible to solder the connections to the 3.3v and GND were the pins on the microcontroller connect to?

Also does anyone have any suggestions on possibly adding an NO2 sensor to the circuit as well?

I have never done a battery project myself, but what you’re proposing with a single lithium cell won’t work. On the Pro boards, the PMS and CO2 sensors and the OLED screen run on +5V. I think the basic board has at least some of these components on the 5V rail too. And on the D1 Mini microcontroller board, there is an LDO supplying the +3.3V from the +5V.

To do it right, you’ll need circuitry to manage the battery for charging and prevent over-discharging. And then to power the system, it needs a boost converter to get you up to 5V. I think if you do a little bit of research, it’s very doable.

You could get a D1 Batterie Shield and sandwich it between the D1 and the OLED display. Then you would just need to connect a 3.7v batterie (similar to what you showed).

You can get at Ali Express, e.g.

Wow. The Arduino ecosystem is so mature, you can get anything!

Thank you both for the replies, I’ve looked into two options, including the D1 battery shield. I’ll test both to see what best suits my project.

What solution did you end up going with? I’m looking to attempt the same mod.