Added my device to dashboard, not seeing any data

New user here… I built my DIY device a few months ago and have been using it with the built-in display to monitor PM2.5 & CO2 in my indoor living area.

Yesterday I decided to add my device to the dashboard here at AirGradient using the free account option, and all seemed to go well… however, I am not seeing any data at all. I did check my device using the serial monitor and it seems to be sending data to the database as expected.

Any ideas on why I’m not seeing any data?


@Tazilon I noticed that you used capital letters in the chip id. These should be small letters.

I have corrected it and it seems it is now displaying data on your dashboard.

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Thank you! I never suspected that lower case would solve the problem. :sunglasses:

If there’s an afterlife, I want to meet whoever invented case sensitivity and let them know EXACTLY how much misery that brought to my life…