Added my device to dashboard, not seeing any data

New user here… I built my DIY device a few months ago and have been using it with the built-in display to monitor PM2.5 & CO2 in my indoor living area.

Yesterday I decided to add my device to the dashboard here at AirGradient using the free account option, and all seemed to go well… however, I am not seeing any data at all. I did check my device using the serial monitor and it seems to be sending data to the database as expected.

Any ideas on why I’m not seeing any data?


@Tazilon I noticed that you used capital letters in the chip id. These should be small letters.

I have corrected it and it seems it is now displaying data on your dashboard.

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Thank you! I never suspected that lower case would solve the problem. :sunglasses:

If there’s an afterlife, I want to meet whoever invented case sensitivity and let them know EXACTLY how much misery that brought to my life…

I just ran into this problem a few years after this post when registering my DIY kit to the dashboard. Is it possible to edit the instructions at How to connect the DIY Sensor to the AirGradient Dashboard and elsewhere to note the case-sensitivity of the sensor ID? Or even better, automatically normalize the text in that form? Most folks who are used to hex addresses would assume the fields are case insensitive

I agree that updating the instructions so specify it should be in all lower case.

I also agree that the server side could also accept any mixed case and then to_lower() all of it so it isn’t on the end user to use the correct case

I just made a ticket for our developers to address that issue. We will solve it with trim() and toLower() so I think no need to add more description.

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