3D PRO Enclosure Preview

We are in the last stretch to optimize the enclosure for the PRO build kit and will soon publush the STL and STEP files.

We needed to do a number of adjustments to make sure it is easy to print on 3D printers because our enclosure was optimized for plastic injection molding.

Here is a preview:

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Looking forward to it!

The 3D files have been published:




Please let me know if you have any feedback.

I’m about to print this enclosure now.
Which way is best for printing the “lower case”/bottom? With the inside facing down or up?
What about support settings?

Another question: What function does the cable cover have? Why isn’t this cover a part of the bottom?

You should print the two halfs of the enclosure with the large area touching the 3d printing bed. Otherwise you will need a lot of support material.
The cable cover has the same function. It will avoid that you need to print with a lot of support material as you can print it with the large area facing the bed.