10,000 C02 reading after firmware flash?

I flashed the firmware of my DIY for the first time since I got it put together in '21. I wasn’t seeing the C02 reading on the dashboard, so I figured a newer firmware would help.
Now I’m seeing the past c02 readings as well as the current reading of 10,000 all the time on the dashboard from the past 24 hours.
I’m curious if the C02 sensor is broke or should I just wait for the calibration to finish over the next week or so?

Is it truly the DIY kit that didn’t come with a case, or the Pro that came in a white case?

Getting 10,000 all the time is certainly not normal. I would try unplugging power for 5-10 seconds and then plugging it in again. I’ve seen cases where it just acts funny until a full power disconnect happens

Thanks. Yeah, I had to print my own case, and solder all the things. I’ll leave it unplugged for a while. It seems odd that I’m getting 10,000 and not a binary number (65535) or something.
I’ll attempt to manual calibrate or flash again after some time.

Yeah, calibration seems to be likely what is needed. Not sure if that is supported in the Arduino based firmware for these devices or not. I know it is on the ONE and Open Air models that have a higher power ESP chip inside.

I would double check the solder points again. I remember playing around with my own board (not Airgradient), and getting a constant high reading and no reading. It was because I had the TX and RX points reversed.

But if you have the DIY Basic Kit, it would be difficult to get the TX and RX points reversed. Double check that your board is getting a good 5v 2a. Sometimes low voltages or amps can also mess around with the readings.

Just to close this out. I tried to let it calibrate automatically, but I guess I didn’t wait the full 2 weeks. After leaving it unplugged and nothing changing, I did the manual pin jumping calibration outside.
Now I’m able to get values other than 10,000 and it’s back at the normal range 200-400. You can’t really tell, but it’s getting updated… heh. Thanks for the help on this.