Turn off LEDs and Display during the night time

I am considering purchasing an indoor monitor. However, the monitor will be placed in our bedroom and I fear that the LEDs and/or display will be to bright during the night time.

Is it possible to configure the monitor to turn off (and/or dim) the display / LEDs during a certain period (say, 22:00 - 08:00)?

Since I already have an OpenHAB-based home automation, it would also be great if the display / LED brightness could be controlled via the local API.


What a timing! I made that work with the beta firmwares this weekend: OpenHAB Binding for AirGradient

And I would love some testers of that binding :slight_smile:

Doesnt support local setting og LEDs yet (only via cloud api) but will add that as soon as it is in the firmware - and that is on the plans.


Yes we currently work on this as well. Basically you set a period on the dashboard and then the LEDs and display will turn off.


Hi I’m thinking about getting an airgradient one, but its very important for me to turn off the LEDs’ and screen at night as it will be in a bedroom and im very light sensitive. What is OpenHAB? Sorry complete newbie here. Would I be able to flash firmware via the webdashboard and then have the ability to control the LED’s/ Screen?

AFAIK there is no way to turn off the OLED display. I haven’t found the OLED display bright, but I am not sensitive to it (it has about 5% white pixels on a black background). Turning off the OLED would maybe be a cool feature request.

The LEDs are bright, and before the possibility to turn them off I have used black electrician tape to cover them. They will still leak some light through the vents. The normal way to turn the LEDs off is in the AirGradient Cloud API. That is something manual which you will normally do once.

Home automation systems like OpenHAB (https://www.openhab.org/) and Home Assistant (https://www.home-assistant.io/) let you automate more. I have written the AirGradient plugin for OpenHAB, and it lets you set up rules to e.g. turn off the LEDs at certain times or when you turn off the lights in the room. I have no doubt Home Assistant will get similar functionality also (it is currently being written).

The difference between OpenHAB and Home Assistant (according to me, and I am biased) is that Home Assistant has a bigger and more vibrant community, while OpenHAB seems to be built on a more robust foundation. I am hoping that will give me less work running the system over time :slight_smile:

Those home automation systems are something you normally install on a RaspberryPi to connect many different “smart home” devices in your home.

Currently this functionality needs special firmware on the devices to work when you communicate with it directly (without going through the cloud), but the work to fix this has been started, and is needed for both home automation systems, so I expect that to be resolved in some weeks.

Flashing official firmware is pretty simple (connect the device to your computer, press some buttons in a browser). Setting up a home automation system is harder, and something I would only recommend for enthusiasts :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the detailed right up. Current I use HomeKit so Maybe I will switch over. Any chance you will write it for Home Assistant? :slight_smile:

We currently are adding this functionality into our stock firmware that is compatible with HA, OpenHAB etc. So it will be there latest in a few weeks.