Temp and Humidity fluctuating between actual values and zero

Hi folks

I’ve recently built a DIY Pro kit to go with my older DIY Basic kit, and have been running them both to see what variance the case has on the readings.

I’ve noted that after the Pro Kit has warmed up a little (as little as an hour) that it starts to show the Temp and Humidity on the OLED as 0 degrees and 0% humidity for a few moments, and then flicking back to the actual readings, as confirmed on the Basic kit.

In addition, TVOC has recently started to show a reading of 60,000 (!) despite the air being clean and happy. Restarting the Pro kit resolves the issue for a few minutes and then it’s back to flicking values back and forth.

I’ve tested both with new power supplies (original Apple USB bricks, ample current and voltage, and also with a desktop variable PSU) and the issue remains. These values (TVOC) are shown in the Dashboard, but the temperature ones are not.

Any thoughts?

Had the same issue. Read here SGP30 on AirGradient board - #28 by hanuman
Was not able to find the solution to this so I removed the SGP30 sensor (TVOC) and used a new SHT30 since I had removed the pull up resistors. I will wait for Airgradient to release their own custom SGPxx board to add TVOC. They are in the process of testing it.

Unfortunately the SGP30 has all kinds of issues and this is why we currently removed it from the kits we sell. However the SGP40 looks much better and we started producing a small batch of modules. It should be available sometime in October.