Possible to add support for AirRohr (Luftdaten - Sensor Community) devices?

I have an existing Sensor Community (airRohr, Luftdaten) monitor with temp/humidty/PM2.5 sensors that I’d like to use to send data to the AirGradient database. Is there any way to include these devices?

I’m not sure if they would be open to accepting data from other products, but have you looked into HomeAssistant for a central repository for data from these and other devices that you run from your own house so you have full control? I’m running it on a $35 Raspberry Pi and it has been great! Using the ESPHome version of the firmware for the D1 mini in your AirGradient you can get all of the data sent there, along with possibly your other device you mentioned.

That sounds interesting! Can you point me in the right direction(s) to get me started? I’m not a coder and although I have heard about Raspberry Pi, I really don’t have the slightest idea about how I could do this.

I’ve been playing with HomeAssistant for the last 3-4 months and really having fun. There is a full SD card image that will have it all setup, or you can use a Docker image, which may be more advanced, but how I’m running it currently
Installation - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Then you can use a separate program called ESPHome which can run on the same device as HomeAssistant, to flash the code to support the AirGradient sensors and report it to HomeAssistant.

Another user has posted a tutorial
AirGradient ESPHome setup with Home Assistant - Software integrations - AirGradient
Alternatively, here is the basic file needed to support it:
AirGradient-DIY | ESPHome-Devices

Learning both of these may take some work, but I’ve found it incredibly fun to learn and I’ve been able to accomplish everything I’ve wanted so far, so it has been rewarding overall.

OK, thanks for all the info! I guess that I’ll acquire a Raspberry Pi and start learning. I’m 68 years old, so this will be an adventure for me. :smiley:

It might make sense to get the Luftdaten sensor onto the AirGradient dashboard as an outside sensor. This would allow you to use the built-in comparison with your indoor sensor as you see on below chart. The line is outside air quality and the bars the inside one.

I will have a look at the luftdaten project.

I also have home assistant running in my house and it is a great platform but more geared towards real-time states of devices and sensors. Once you want to do more with historical developments and air quality specific features it will have its limits or need to do a lot of custom implementations.

OK! I hope that you can do it.

Would this require an additional paid monthly subscription to AirGradient to add an outside sensor?

With HomeAssistant I see an integration with Luftdaten
Luftdaten - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

I haven’t been tracking air quality very long, but I have several months of temperature and HVAC status logged in Home Assistant that I can view a graph over all of the available data without issue. Maybe once I get years it might have a problem, but so far, so good.

No worries, we currently have no plans to charge for the outside sensor integration for people that purchased the DIY kit.