Feedback on new 3D printable Enclosure

Things like thickness of the nozzle, infill, if and how thick help structures should be and so on

I used 0.4mm nozzle and for the other things the standard settings from Ultimaker Cura.

What purpose have this hole ?

i can’t think of any use for that, i closed it in my second print.
the hole for the USB (Power) in the lower section is of course necessary.


There are mainly two reasons.

  1. some people mount the D1 on female pin headers. Then the USB port is a lot higher.
  2. you can put a battery shield above/below the D1 and then you would need both plugs accessible. One for flashing and one for charging.
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That makes sense to me. If I wasn’t using the OLED shield, I would certainly prefer to mount the D1 Mini on female headers to keep things modular.

Is it possible to get the 3D files for the case in another format? This is a mesh body and I’m not able to make changes to it. I added a TVOC sensor to my kit and it’s increasing my temp by about 2 Celsius. I want to try to add some airflow and see if it will help.


Please find the STEP file here. It would be great if you could share your results here!

Thank you. I can work with this format. I will post the changes.

I think the note of not screwing in the PM 2.5 Sensor when using the case would be a good NOTE on the page below, figured it out pretty quickly but just cause im use to screwing things down was like HUH what happened :stuck_out_tongue:

also i needed the fix for vertical screen issue for anyone whos looking for a good estimate.
Commented out

And my Changed lines to way i liked it are
display.drawString(32, 0, ln1);
display.drawString(32, 20, ln2);

How does the temperature probe work? Do you just attach the SHT sensor to a few wires and then stick it down inside the probe casing (without mounting it; it’s just held in place by gravity as mentioned above)?

Yes this is the way exactly.